Bring Chaos to your Order.

Make a Lulu of a Booboo.

How to Make Mistakes on Purpose: The Workshop

participants are full of passion and excited by trying new things. we sometimes have a dance party after- our playlist is that good. we guarantee you will surprise yourself, and everybody else. anywhere there is a space and a spirit of curiosity, this workshop can happen.

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San Francisco

January 17/18

January 16 MINI-WORKSHOP at 




Workshops have been added in London and NYC

in 2020. (Dates TBA)


Adobe Systems, SAN FRANCISCO

University of Brighton

Kingston School of Art LONDON


Illustratörcentrum STOCKHOLM

Mimaster MILAN



my thanks to the greatest force in typography,

erik spiekermann for inviting me to host HTMMOP in berlin.

es war eine ehre.

art students league workshop was remarkable. #brooklyn #howtomakemistakesonpurposeworkshop was fantasmo!

How to Make Mistakes on Purpose: THE BOOK

is in the works- stay tuned!

what do people think?


“playing with the studio 360 staff for an afternoon under laurie rosenwald's supervision was, like eating a certain candy bar, indescribably delicious. and unlike eating a candy bar, it was also sublimely useful."


-kurt andersen, host of the peabody award-winning public radio show studio 360


in a single word: wowza!  the mistakes on purpose workshop was exactly what we need to loosen our creative bones without looking at a screen...thank god! it was 60minutes (our team had the abridged version) of sheer insanity in the best possible way. we were so loose & inspired afterwards that it felt like we collectively had a creative awakening of sorts, it was just such fun.


-hajdeja ehline

art director



“laurie teaches by forcing—through the sheer power of her personality and in-your-face determination—everyone to let go of their preconceptions and to just draw, draw, draw. this workshop magically reveals that one of the worst ways to solve a problem is to set out to do just that. like a rabbit out of a hat, laurie reveals this surprising insight: start with an answer, any answer will do, then go find the problem it solves.”


-greg galle

co-founder and managing member, c2

starbucks creative camp


“the very best workshop i’ve ever seen to get people instantly unstuck - and open all the parts of their imaginations they didn’t even know about. a class as inspiring as laurie rosenwald herself.”


-brian collins

chief creative officer, collins

american design master, fast company

image award, national organization for women


“by encouraging me to make mistakes on purpose, laurie showed me how to embrace my inner failure-turning a perceived weakness into something personal, unique, and powerful. woe shall befall my pathetic enemies now!"


-alex isley, creative director, alexander isley inc.

2014 aiga medalist


“laurie’s workshop is something between a wedgie and an epiphany. it’s a bit uncomfortable while it’s happening, but you walk away energized, inspired and looking at the world differently.”


-christian helms

helms workshop


"laurie rosenwald's workshop is a great way for your team to open the road to imagination and let your brain wander, and to stimulate innovation."


-jan van der lande


kikkerland design, inc.


“this experience loosened up my uptight intellectual mindset

like nothing else.”


-ellen lupton, director, graphic design mfa program,

maryland institute college of art


"fun, cool, a wrong-thinking, crazy, intuitive, inspiring, top brain, collaborative, bottom brain, and definitely not business as usual.”


-john bielenberg

co-founder and managing member, c2, project m


“one of the most creative evenings i’ve had whilst being wrapped in black plastic."


-robert nightingale, vice chair

idsa nyc


"workshop: it was well worth it. we got great feedback and

actually we are using the work for our new manifesto."


-steven b. cook

eden_spiekermann_  berlin


"the laurie experience is an unexpected,  rousing and compelling oratory - a spinning class for the mind."


-stephan j. clambaneva, idsa


“this workshop gives even the smartest student a totally new view on visual force and speed. fun, fast and very useful!”


-tom hedqvist, director, röhsska museum, sweden


"an important, unpredictable injection to our creative process."


-björn kusoffsky, ceo & founder,  stockholm design lab


“laurie rosenwald takes no prisoners. make no mistake though, it works. students have great fun, but be afraid, be very afraid.”


-professor lawrence zeegen

dean of design, ravensbourne

ico-d / international council of design


“laurie’s workshop was a blast.”


-cyrus highsmith

senior designer, font bureau, inc.




one day georges de mestral went for a walk in the woods. he got some burrs stuck on his pants. he played around with ’em.  he thought, “what could this be?” and now we have velcro. here’s what he didn’t do: he didn’t sit down at an empty desk and think, “what this world needs is a better way of sticking stuff together! i’m going to be creative now!”

trying to be creative is just deadly. it works about as well as trying to be charming. what we actually do in the workshop is top secret. after taking part, workshop alumnae are requested to respect “omertà” the mafia code of silence. it’s about surprise, so it must be one. penicillin, viagra, post-it notes. all happy accidents. mistakes. but how can you make mistakes on purpose? in the workshop, that’s exactly what we do. in not about just accepting ones mistakes- we really make them on purpose.

this workshop has been taught to writers, film makers, musicians, market researchers, salespeople, real estate agents, investment bankers, web masters, swedish royalty, and moms. every discipline imaginable. anybody can do it. it is not just for designers, inventors, and people like that.

in canada, a herd of elk showed up. see?

you thought i was kidding, didn't you?

in every job, one wants to move forward, be creative. we all want to make good stuff. but when you try real, real hard and focus on being “good” this creates stress. patterns are repeated. we know how to get good results. we get the same ones all the time! computers. we all use them. and computers don’t make mistakes.

too bad, because mistakes are where newness and freshness comes from. out of the blue.

in the workshop, we get out of our own way- there’s no problem-solving, no critique, and so no way to fail.

what is the "take home? what do people get out of this?"

i guarantee you will surprise me, yourself, and everybody else. also, it's just plain fun.

people invent new things, and have unexpected ideas. that is what it’s for.

think of it as tuna surprise, but without the tuna.

details: any number of participants can take part. if they can hear/see me, in a room, it works. it's only doing. showing, not telling. i tailor the workshop to suit people and their varied backgrounds. let me know what information you need, and i will supply it.

note - it is vital that nobody knows anything at all about the workshop beforehand.  it must be a surprise.

i have held the 'mistakes' workshop for the following companies, all of whom are actively involved in the development of branding and marketing, media and education:







invisible talks


artek (finland)

WHITE arkitekter

stockholm design lab

banff centre

american greetings


art directors club

the art students league



3rd ward

meredith corporation

burns group